• monitor – 24″ computer

    Even but somewhat thick bezels around the screen makes it ideal for horizontal, vertical, and/or any other positions. However, viewing angle is pretty limited. At 60Hz, it’s good enough for ultra quality settings in video games like Katamari Damacy. Not good for competitive gamers where 5ms in response time is not fast enough. Memory Express […]

  • electronics – laser mouse

    A laser mouse with 2 buttons and a scroll wheel. Despite its age, is surprisingly still not outdated. Connected to devices via USB-A, allows for user to interact with digital contents with ease. Not suited for precision tasks, like shooting digital enemies or drawing an MS paint masterpiece. More than suitable for playing solitare and […]

  • electronics – full rubberdome keyboard

    Features 104 keys (or maybe 108 keys?) for all yourkey needs, like a full numpad, F-row, and scroll lock. Is slightly curved to make typing slightly not straight. Comes with feet that flips to change typing angles. Switches are rubberdomes. All these features make this keyboard ideal for environments with more than one person, like […]

  • paper – kraft bag lunch size

    Bags that don’t hold lunch. Instead they hold precious memories, gifts, promises, and objects. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016

  • paper – blue, green, grey, pink, red, yolk dark, yolk light

    Part of the pastel family, as it’s a pastel blue. Like the blue found closer to the horizon on a clear sunny day. Apparently used a lot in the legal industry and therefore somewhat unpleasant by association. The most grey that could ever grey, but on the lighter side, like the midsection of a somewhat […]

  • clipboard – wooden

    A portable table. Naturalized in 2017

  • USB – practical luxury 1GB

    Each USB is affixed with resin and random bits of leftovers, like plastic gems, cherry stems, stolen fake succulents, and dead plants. All USBs are formatted to FAT32 for multi OS compatability. Some might have PDFs uploaded onto it. Useful for things that need USBs, like uploading a program into a sign and playing MP3s […]

  • strainer – 1 cup tea

    Unsure where or when this was acquired. Very useful for making small quantity of tea when there’s no company to tend to or for drinks that has floaty bits, like flower petals, seeds, and spices. Not recommend for straining things like soup unless absolutely necessary. ??? in 2018

  • shelf – wooden portable bookcase

    Though light enough to move around, it’s still made of wood and so is annoying to haul. The back panel got ripped off and the shelf likes to sway around, but is still functional. Size is good for various things, like fermenting kimchi in an onggi, storing melons and other fruits, and transformed into a […]

  • plant – red orange fake aquarium

    Originally bought this for my first pet betta fish, Ten, who passed away in 2019. The foliage is fairly soft and malleable, ideal for fishies to hide in. Looks better under aquarium light. Is generally a good decor to have around. Petsmart in 2016

  • LED – SMD strips

    A no frills way of lighting anything and everything, even comes prepared with 3M adhesive on the back of each strip. With the right connectors, you can attach many strips to each other to create infinite lines of rainbows. Though make sure to buy from the same brand or else the colours might be different […]

  • LED – store sign

    At 96×32 resolution, it’s barely good enough to show images. It’s best for text and large fields of flashing colours. Is programmable via a proprietary software, which comes loaded with fun effects like shining stars and falling blossom petals. Gets so bright that it’ll attract potential customers 2 blocks down and blind them as they […]

  • LED – pucks

    Was used more for bedroom lighting than for art. Diffuses the harsh, flickering LED light fairly well, though is not bright enough to fill a whole room. Is meant to be attached to other surfaces, like the underside of cabinets. They’re not actually called LED pucks, they just kinda look like they are. Canadian Tire […]

  • LED – aquarium bar

    Was used more often for fish sitting than for art. Is covered in water minerals and missing a metal end loop. The lights are an alternating white and black light, which gives that nice glow to fluorescent and bioluminescent objects. Can fit medium-sized tanks or can be hung like ceiling lights, if you want to […]

  • grass – plastic fake short crop

    This is what people imagine when you say “fake grass”. Feels nice when you rub your bare feet and hands across the surface. Still has a hint of plastic, manufactory smell. Little bits likes to fall everywhere every time you move it. Basement spiders and ants likes to live and lay eggs on these. Canadian […]

  • grass – plastic fake long crop

    Unsure where or when these patches of long grass were acquired. Very realistic fake grass with soft blades. Even features slightly dried parts to simulate reality. Grass is high maintanence though, as it’s hard to straighten after being flattened. For real grass replacement, it’s a lot of work. Naturalized in 2018

  • fishy game

    Is missing one fish (when playing against someone, try stealing one of theirs). Needs to be manually wound for the fishes to o and close their mouths. A modern, city-dweller version of passing the time, though you can’t eat these fishes. No fish were used to make these fishes. Gifted from a friend in 2018

  • electronics – scientific scale

    Not sure if it’s a scientific scale, just remember someone saying it is. Probably needs to be re-calibrated often to ensure science enoughness. Has a lot of buttons but have only used the power and tare functions. Pretty accurate, probably. Good enough for resin mixing at least. Really sensitive, will measure your breath if you […]

  • cloth – yellow towel

    Came with other towels someone was trying to get rid of because they were moving to another town. The many dimples plus the thickness of the cloth makes it really nice to clean caked-on surfaces, like bits of noodles stuck to the bottom of a pot. The edges likes to scallop when not dried flat. […]

  • canister – fire extinguisher

    Unsure when it was acquired. Nice to have around to make it seem like things are safe. Has never been used, likely expired but maybe still functional? Pressure gauge is in the green, though slightly overpressurized. Comes with a falling-apart box with important information. Naturalized in 2018

  • apron – beige plastic

    Somewhat heavy, it kinda hurts your neck if you don’t bunch the neck loop up. One of the waist straps is hand sewn poorly back onto the apron after it got ripped out when trying to make the neck loop hurt less. The plastic is great for any work with liquids, as they fall right […]

  • lucky cat

    Given as a gift for the opening of Perfect Memory: Authentic Gift Shop. Was mentioned to have bought in Honeyworld. Mildly broken, arm swings sometimes but will need the occassional push. Brings good fortune into the shop and café. Gifted in 2017