Tag: Perfect Memory: Authentic Gift Shop

  • LED – OPEN sign

    Was one of 2 available vertical signs at the time on Amazon. Purchased for practical reasons, as the Marion Nicoll Gallery has vertical windows. Secretly that was an excuse to justify sding more money on an orientation I think is more aesthetically pleasing, if at the exse of legibility and incurring more debt. Has “on” […]

  • USB – half moon credit card

    A credit card shaped and sized USB drive. Features a half waxing moon on one side or half waning moon on the other; a design to make sure it can cover all possible moods,but only at half. Was also the first time trying to order something on Alibaba. Ailbaba in 2017

  • stamp – 🙁

    Pocket sized so you can show your 🙁 wherever you go. Comes with a red string to fasten to your keyring or your phone. Probably used by school kids to show how they feel to each other without getting scolded. Hong Kong in 2015

  • stamp – O.K.

    A convenient stamp of approval to give mass approval without needing to put too much effort into it. Hong Kong in 2015

  • sign – gift shop

    Printed canvas wrapped around MDF. A sign for a defunct store. Slightly warped but in good condition otherwise. Comissioned in 2017

  • shelf – wooden 5 tier

    Kinda tall. Legs are somewhat wobbly and not aligned, but is stable once things sit on it, kinda Been built and unbuilt 3 times and should no longer be unbuilt and built more than one more time. Ikea in 2017

  • shelf – black metal cage

    Modular shelves and hooks for modular contexts. Small and narrow enough to tuck into unwanted corners. Comes with caster wheels, removable hooks, and garage dust. Salvaged in 2016

  • roll – laser disc foam nubs

    Sticky foam nubs to store your CDs and DVDs anywhere: on the wall, on a book, on a cd player, etc. A roll comes with 1000 nubs. ULINE in 2016

  • roll – fake wood cloth tape

    A cloth tape adorned with the colours and shapes of would-be wood. Can be used on wood and other surfaces to bring more wood into a space. Home Depot in 2016

  • paper – loyalty gift shop card

    A loyalty card for a now defunct shop. Loyalty came in the form of acceptance, forgiveness, hope, love, patience, trust, sincerity, respect, reassurance, and understanding. Pacific Coast Print in 2017

  • paper – kraft bag lunch size

    Bags that don’t hold lunch. Instead they hold precious memories, gifts, promises, and objects. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016

  • paper – clothes tag

    Tags that make things that are not easy to identify easy to identify. Naturalized in 2017

  • paper – blue, green, grey, pink, red, yolk dark, yolk light

    Part of the pastel family, as it’s a pastel blue. Like the blue found closer to the horizon on a clear sunny day. Apparently used a lot in the legal industry and therefore somewhat unpleasant by association. The most grey that could ever grey, but on the lighter side, like the midsection of a somewhat […]

  • packets – sauce sauce in takeout box

    A takeout box filled to the brim with takeout soy sauce packets, so you can bring soy sauce with you with ease. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016

  • monitor – CRT TV

    Features a still of Kelly and Jadda trying out snacks. Has handles for ease of moving, but still kinda heavy and not recommended to be moved too much. Sony logo fell off at some point and the whole thing has fallen on concrete more than a few times. Garage sale in 2013

  • monitor – amiga

    A monitor for a system that no longer exists; from a time when the future felt possible and beige. Something you’d find in the corner of a dusty shop. Garage sale in 2014

  • jar – sweet & sour sauce

    A jar of sauce I never use at home. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016

  • jar – paper lucky stars

    A jar of lucky stars. Contains around 30 origami stars to give you a head start on folding that 100. Looks a bit like candies, but please don’t eat these. Handmade in 2016

  • enamel pin – product of banana

    A pin that looks like a well known sticker of a product that is sometimes used to describe people. Tributes Group Inc in 2017

  • DVD – what can we do

    A video mixtape that asks the the most uttered question thinly veiled as also an answer. Handmade in 2016

  • DVD – wait a minute

    A video mixtape where waiting is hard to come by and a mintue isn’t something that can be afforded. Handmade in 2016

  • DVD – useless

    A video mixtape that feels a bit useless despite everything. Handmade in 2016

  • DVD – take care, take it easy

    A collection of short videos that chronicle internal thoughts while going through the external motions of daily life, like being at a laundromat, cleaning a toilet, grocery shopping, and visiting the dentist office. Handmade in 2016

  • DVD – strange, this boat is going to the mountains

    A video mixtape where weird things happen. Handmade in 2016

  • DVD – slanted

    A video mixtape where everything is slightly off and not quite straight. Handmade in 2016

  • DVD – player

    A nice almost square shape to fit into square-like spaces, like milkcrates. Has an anachronistic collection of outputs, like coaxial, composite, component, and HDMI, which means it can play DVDs in your grandma’s, cousin’s, friend’s, and everyone’s house. Thriftshop in 2016

  • DVD – goodnight

    A video mistape that wants to go to sleep, as they’re so, so tired. Handmade in 2016

  • DVD – enough

    A video mixtape trying to figure out what being enough means and enough to who/what. Handmade in 2016

  • DVD – empty case

    Empty DVD cases for all the loose CDs and DVDs occupying endlessly stuffed and forgotten drawers. Also useful for containing and sharing hard-to-find, bootlegged movies with friends and loved ones. Donated in 2017

  • DVD – don’t be hurt

    A video mixtape that desperately wants to avoid being hurt even though the hurt has already happened. Handmade in 2016

  • DVD – asian beauty & snacks

    Features our friends trying things out for art, like becoming more beautiful and eating things blindly. Created with Michel Samiadji. Handmade in 2016

  • container – milk crate

    The most versatile object: can be a seat, a table, a shelf, can store and move things around, be table legs, keep plants off the ground, keep other boxes off the ground, and be stackable with other milkcrates. It’s so useful that they’ve made it a punishable criminal offence if you own one that you […]

  • container – cashbox

    A cashbox that almost never holds real cash, just small precious things like remote controllers, funny stamps and pens, keys, and postcards. If there is cash, it just loose change that is easy to forget about. Borrowed indefinitely in 2017

  • clipboard – wooden

    A portable table. Naturalized in 2017

  • canned – whole mushrooms

    So many whole things that fit inside other whole things. These were the only mushrooms I liked eating as a child because these mushrooms would hold small spaces of soup better than fresh mushrooms. It also lacks that medicinal smell that reminds one of herbal stores full of bitter things. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016

  • canned – whole mandarin in light syrup

    It’s a world wonder how they’re able to fit a whole mandarin into a can with enough space for light syrup. It’s like when you try to eat a mandarin whole, and your saliva is the equivalent to the light syrup. Unlike fresh mandarins, you don’t have to peel these and be embarrassed at your […]

  • canned – peach slices

    For when you’re craving peaches outside of peach season. Canning just means making food forever, right? Unlike fresh peaches, these peaches don’t bruise so easily, even if they’re protected by a can. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016

  • canned – luncheon meat

    Mystery meat mechanically separated and mashed together to make a dense loaf of delicious meat. Can be eaten without further cooking, such as paired with soda crackers. At its best when fried until crispy and/or made with eggs. Good to have around when fresh meat is a luxury. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016

  • canned – condensed milk

    Would recommend eating a spoonful if you’re feeling a bit sweet. A superfood that sweetens and makes your tea and coffee creamier in one go. Also yummy when spread over toast. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016 Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016

  • canned – coconut milk

    Not recommended to drink coconut milk without any kind of dilution. Sometimes comes separated when the fat is sits long enough without disturbance. Best used when poured over warm black rice with taro. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016

  • canned – chunk light tuna in water

    Chunk light tuna in water is the best canned tuna for water to tuna ratio, with the tradeoff that you have flake the tuna yourself. Unsure if the tuna in the can is tuna or another tuna-like fish. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016

  • canned – baby corn

    Baby corn is actually baby corn that haven’t yet matured into grown corn. Is an obligatory vegetable in every dinner meal because it’s the only veggie you’d eat until you became a grown human. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016

  • box – fortune cookies

    Unsealed box of 250 unsealed fortune cookies with 250 unsealed fortune slips. Probably still edible. Probably a little stale. Fortune probably still valid. ??? Richmond, BC in 2017

  • basket – neon orange

    A basket that can also be a strainer. Good for keeping things from getting moldy or wet, like clothes, dishes, napa cabbages, etc. A neon that’s really fluorescent and reminds you of fish markets. Hing Wah Imports in 2016

  • baggie – rice

    Small, soft sacks of cloth with small amounts of rice as a good luck charm. You can eat the rice inside, it won’t curse you if you do. Maybe? Handmade in 2016

  • bag – various sized googly eyes

    A bag of assorted googly eyes for assorted objects that needs eyes. Makes a fun “sha-sha” sound. Was used as the replacement of the “O” for the book titled “Yolkless”. Michaels in 2016

  • lucky cat

    Given as a gift for the opening of Perfect Memory: Authentic Gift Shop. Was mentioned to have bought in Honeyworld. Mildly broken, arm swings sometimes but will need the occassional push. Brings good fortune into the shop and café. Gifted in 2017

  • canned mandarin

    Text here about mandarins preserved in syrup and that it’s expired, but probably still edible.

    canned mandarin