• bar – silver paper holder
    A bar with trapped metal balls. Commonly used in restaurants for orders and receipts. Can also be used for organizing bills and postcards from friends who travelled abroad. Makes a fun sound when shook, like “tcha-tcha”. Amazon in 2019
  • bar – wooden magnetic
    A wooden bar made to house magnets to keep knives and other dangerous things away from clumsy fingers. Can also attach other non-dangerous things onto it, like noodle strainers, tourist magnets, and an enamel pin collection. Amazon in 2019
  • blender
    Has a kind of loudness you would worry about, but it can still blend various materials into one, like soaked soybeans and red beans. Has a smell that reminds one of thriftshops that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how much it’s washed. Comes in 10 speeds. ??? thriftshop in 2019
  • board – wood cutting with metal handle
    Big wood board with a metal handle. Too big for many household sinks, so use accordingly. Mildly stained with some kind of oil, probably toasted sesame. Bianca Amor’s Liquidation Centre in 2019
  • bowl – small metal
    Bowls not really meant to be served to people, though it can if it needs to. Usually found in cooking shows where the cook preps ingredients ahead of time so they don’t have to potentially embarrass themselves in front of the camera. Also used as dirty utensil holder, like tongs and ladles. Amart in 2019
  • bucket – gold plated metal
    Comes with a dent, which allowed me to buy the bucket at a discount with the help of a Korean friend. Don’t put anything inside that might react to metal, such as fresh soymilk. Usually contains makgeoli, but is currently not. Arirang Mart in 2019
  • cable – ethernet 50ft
    CAT 5 cable that can handle up to 1000mbps of internet at 100mhz bandwidth. Good enough for most internet activities, like emails, gaming with friends, Skype dates, print school papers, etc. 50ft is a lot, but it’s still functional when used in a space less than 50ft. Memory Express in 2013
  • canister – butane 4 pack
    Purpose made for portable butane stoves. Handle with care: risk of explosion and highly flammable. Though explosions are less likely due to a Korean patent. Should last about 1 hour at full, rice frying heat or 3 hours of soymilk cooking heat. Amart in 2019
  • canister – fire extinguisher
    Unsure when it was acquired. Nice to have around to make it seem like things are safe. Has never been used, likely expired but maybe still functional? Pressure gauge is in the green, though slightly overpressurized. Comes with a falling-apart box with important information. Naturalized in 2018
  • canister – sesame oil
    Still sealed, sesame oil should still be edible? Was purchased for the aesthetics of the container, unsure if this is considered good sesame oil. Hard to stack but the provided spout makes pouring out sesame oil into smaller containers a lot easier. Amart in 2019
  • canned – baby corn
    Baby corn is actually baby corn that haven’t yet matured into grown corn. Is an obligatory vegetable in every dinner meal because it’s the only veggie you’d eat until you became a grown human. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016
  • canned – chunk light tuna in water
    Chunk light tuna in water is the best canned tuna for water to tuna ratio, with the tradeoff that you have flake the tuna yourself. Unsure if the tuna in the can is tuna or another tuna-like fish. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016
  • canned – coconut milk
    Not recommended to drink coconut milk without any kind of dilution. Sometimes comes separated when the fat is sits long enough without disturbance. Best used when poured over warm black rice with taro. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016
  • canned – coffee
    Doesn’t come with coffee grounds, as they were all used up. However the container is the perfect shape to hold things, like chopsticks. Coffee found in these tins are often used for Vietnamese coffee and Hong Kong coffee milk tea and milk coffee. Hong Kong Supermarket in 2019
  • canned – condensed milk
    Would recommend eating a spoonful if you’re feeling a bit sweet. A superfood that sweetens and makes your tea and coffee creamier in one go. Also yummy when spread over toast. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016 Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016
  • canned – luncheon meat
    Mystery meat mechanically separated and mashed together to make a dense loaf of delicious meat. Can be eaten without further cooking, such as paired with soda crackers. At its best when fried until crispy and/or made with eggs. Good to have around when fresh meat is a luxury. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016
  • canned – peach slices
    For when you’re craving peaches outside of peach season. Canning just means making food forever, right? Unlike fresh peaches, these peaches don’t bruise so easily, even if they’re protected by a can. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016
  • canned – powdered custard
    Unsealed container of custard powder, should still be edible? A popular powder to make egg tarts, custard cakes, egg waffles, and creamy jellies. Primarily made with corn starch. Hong Kong Supermarket in 2019
  • canned – sardine tins
    An empty sardine tin that still has the faint smell of sardines in tomato sauce, which go really nicely with instant noodles and blanched broccoli. Perfect size for holding soup spoons while stacked sideways. Hong Kong Supermarket in 2019
  • canned – whole mandarin in light syrup
    It’s a world wonder how they’re able to fit a whole mandarin into a can with enough space for light syrup. It’s like when you try to eat a mandarin whole, and your saliva is the equivalent to the light syrup. Unlike fresh mandarins, you don’t have to peel these and be embarrassed at your …
  • canned – whole mushrooms
    So many whole things that fit inside other whole things. These were the only mushrooms I liked eating as a child because these mushrooms would hold small spaces of soup better than fresh mushrooms. It also lacks that medicinal smell that reminds one of herbal stores full of bitter things. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016
  • capsule machine
    A 2-tier machine for 2 possible paths to get the prize you’re eyeing. Or maybe 2 chances of disappointment. An old school machine for a time when people used to carry coins on them, like toonies. Feels nice and makes a nice sound when cranking the machine and when the capsules drop into the hole, …
  • clipboard – wooden
    A portable table. Naturalized in 2017
  • computer – desktop
    Missing components like hard drive, power supply, and SATA cables. Still has it’s disk reader to play DVDs and CDs that might be gathering dust in a corner, basement, or box. Can also be used as a temporary desk or to store important things. Salvaged in 2013
  • container – cashbox
    A cashbox that almost never holds real cash, just small precious things like remote controllers, funny stamps and pens, keys, and postcards. If there is cash, it just loose change that is easy to forget about. Borrowed indefinitely in 2017
  • container – metal beaker
    Commonly found in cafes with Italian espresso makers to make foamy milk into art and concentrated coffee in something more drinkable. Has a convenient spout for pouring. Can be used to heat and pour other things, like, sweet soup. Naturalized in 2018
  • container – red plastic thermos
    They say you can tell it’s a geniune product by listening to the inner cavern of the thermos. Can be found next to fishermen or with groups of older men playing mahjong or Chinese chess during early hours of the day. Hang Fung Foods in 2019
  • cord – green with clearcoat
    Very long and sturdy. Ends are tied with a nice yellow shrink wrap to keep the cord wrapped to itself. Perfect thickness for hanging things, like wet towels, aprons, fish, mandarin peels, and bags of water. Temple Street Night Market, Hong Kong in 2019
  • cups – red plastic measuring (1 cup to 1/2 tsp)
    Comes in a set of 6 to meet all 6 of your measuring needs. The rough-ish texutre of the cups makes measuring easier, especially when trying to measure things that like to roll around, like mustard seeds and sichuan peppers. The red colours also helps to avoid red stains from things like chili oil. Hong Kong …
  • DVD – asian beauty & snacks
    Features our friends trying things out for art, like becoming more beautiful and eating things blindly. Created with Michel Samiadji. Handmade in 2016
  • DVD – don’t be hurt
    A video mixtape that desperately wants to avoid being hurt even though the hurt has already happened. Handmade in 2016
  • DVD – enough
    A video mixtape trying to figure out what being enough means and enough to who/what. Handmade in 2016
  • DVD – goodnight
    A video mistape that wants to go to sleep, as they’re so, so tired. Handmade in 2016
  • DVD – player
    A nice almost square shape to fit into square-like spaces, like milkcrates. Has an anachronistic collection of outputs, like coaxial, composite, component, and HDMI, which means it can play DVDs in your grandma’s, cousin’s, friend’s, and everyone’s house. Thriftshop in 2016
  • DVD – slanted
    A video mixtape where everything is slightly off and not quite straight. Handmade in 2016
  • DVD – strange, this boat is going to the mountains
    A video mixtape where weird things happen. Handmade in 2016
  • DVD – take care, take it easy
    A collection of short videos that chronicle internal thoughts while going through the external motions of daily life, like being at a laundromat, cleaning a toilet, grocery shopping, and visiting the dentist office. Handmade in 2016
  • DVD – useless
    A video mixtape that feels a bit useless despite everything. Handmade in 2016
  • DVD – wait a minute
    A video mixtape where waiting is hard to come by and a mintue isn’t something that can be afforded. Handmade in 2016
  • DVD – what can we do
    A video mixtape that asks the the most uttered question thinly veiled as also an answer. Handmade in 2016
  • electronics – black portable FM radio
    Spent around 3 weeks in South Korea and Hong Kong trying to find a portable speaker for the purpose of being a temporary tour guide in the future. Can play MP3 files straight from a USB or Micro SD card, giving modern music a mono 20th century filter. Comes with a convenient clip. Also comes …
  • electronics – blue blue planet digital watch
    A semi-flexible, semi-water resistant cheap digital watch. Not sure why it’s called Blue Planet, but the blue on this watch reminds me of looking at the ocean from the sky. Daiso in 2016
  • electronics – electric fly swatter
    Shaped like a toy tennis racket. Wires crisscross the face of the swatter, meant to be sligtly shocking. Electricals are broken but can still be used to swat flies or at people who are being annoying. Probably not good for tennis or other racket sports. Hang Fung Foods in 2019
  • electronics – ethernet switch
    Can switch internet between multiple devices at 1000mbps each. Good for things like LAN parties, if you have more than one computer that needs internet, to connect computer(s) to a printer, etc. Features tiny green lights that flash whenever it’s receiving and delivering internet. Salvaged in 2013
  • electronics – scientific scale
    Not sure if it’s a scientific scale, just remember someone saying it is. Probably needs to be re-calibrated often to ensure science enoughness. Has a lot of buttons but have only used the power and tare functions. Pretty accurate, probably. Good enough for resin mixing at least. Really sensitive, will measure your breath if you …
  • enamel pin – poking mochi
    An act of poking your own rice cake just because you can and want to savour the dense, squishiness before eating it. The soup spoon helps with the poking. You can also poke this poking into your jacket, bag, or whatever surface you like poking on. Image is derived from the promo materials for “2 …
  • enamel pin – product of banana
    A pin that looks like a well known sticker of a product that is sometimes used to describe people. Tributes Group Inc in 2017
  • fishy game
    Is missing one fish (when playing against someone, try stealing one of theirs). Needs to be manually wound for the fishes to o and close their mouths. A modern, city-dweller version of passing the time, though you can’t eat these fishes. No fish were used to make these fishes. Gifted from a friend in 2018
  • heating – black convection kerosene 23,500 BTU
    Commonly found with a kettle on top to keep water or tea hot. Not commonly found in Canada, where central heating is found in most buildings. Commonly found in northern parts of Asia. Some people also cook with the tops of the heaters, like instant noodles. Operate with a window o or with some circulation …
  • jar – sweet & sour sauce
    A jar of sauce I never use at home. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016
  • keychain – century egg
    Comes in a variety of colour combinations of green, orange and everything in between, kinda like homemade century eggs. Also comes with different yolk sizes, for less realism but more auspiciousness, probably. Some even glow in the dark! Is not edible. Will likely last a century. Hand manufactured in 2019
  • keychain – squishy tofu
    Have you ever wanted to squish a tofu but then your fingers just ruins it? This keychain will fulfill those desires without ruining the tofu! Not edible, but the powder coating used to be. Tofu firmness is medium to soft. Hand manufactured in 2019
  • keychain – universe 7 rock
    Is a cube with varying colours and powder that emits varying lights after storing enough energy. Colours are emulated to artificially depict what the universe “might” look like if we could perceive it, like very very large gaseous galaxies in the heavens. Hand manufactured in 2019
  • knife – korean handforged
    An appropriate object for when Seollal and your birthday lines up. Forged by hand for those looking for authenticity and tradition. Rusts easily and cuts rather poorly. Or maybe, it just needs someone who understands what’s needed to bring out its potential. Korean Folk Village, South Korea in 2019
  • knife – meat cleaver
    A soild metal to help solidly cut through meat and bones. It’s kinda heavy, so please handle with care and keep your fingers away, as they’re also made out of meat. B&J Kitchen Equipment in 2019
  • LED – aquarium bar
    Was used more often for fish sitting than for art. Is covered in water minerals and missing a metal end loop. The lights are an alternating white and black light, which gives that nice glow to fluorescent and bioluminescent objects. Can fit medium-sized tanks or can be hung like ceiling lights, if you want to …
  • LED – digital counter
    A digital counter that comes with fun buttons to press, like make numbers go up and down, or to start and stop and countdown. Can also tell the time if you want, but less fun as there’s no button pressing. Only comes in red lights. Amazon in 2019
  • LED – menu sign
    A sign that’s suited to be written on by neon wet erase markers to make your shop glow or as a space to write down your schedule of the day. Comes with many colour options and in fading and flashing modes, to suit whatever mood and people you’re looking for. Uncle Weiners in 2019
  • LED – OPEN sign
    Was one of 2 available vertical signs at the time on Amazon. Purchased for practical reasons, as the Marion Nicoll Gallery has vertical windows. Secretly that was an excuse to justify sding more money on an orientation I think is more aesthetically pleasing, if at the exse of legibility and incurring more debt. Has “on” …
  • LED – pucks
    Was used more for bedroom lighting than for art. Diffuses the harsh, flickering LED light fairly well, though is not bright enough to fill a whole room. Is meant to be attached to other surfaces, like the underside of cabinets. They’re not actually called LED pucks, they just kinda look like they are. Canadian Tire in …
  • LED – store sign
    At 96×32 resolution, it’s barely good enough to show images. It’s best for text and large fields of flashing colours. Is programmable via a proprietary software, which comes loaded with fun effects like shining stars and falling blossom petals. Gets so bright that it’ll attract potential customers 2 blocks down and blind them as they …
  • lucky cat
    Given as a gift for the opening of Perfect Memory: Authentic Gift Shop. Was mentioned to have bought in Honeyworld. Mildly broken, arm swings sometimes but will need the occassional push. Brings good fortune into the shop and café. Gifted in 2017
  • monitor – 24″ computer
    Even but somewhat thick bezels around the screen makes it ideal for horizontal, vertical, and/or any other positions. However, viewing angle is pretty limited. At 60Hz, it’s good enough for ultra quality settings in video games like Katamari Damacy. Not good for competitive gamers where 5ms in response time is not fast enough. Memory Express in …
  • monitor – amiga
    A monitor for a system that no longer exists; from a time when the future felt possible and beige. Something you’d find in the corner of a dusty shop. Garage sale in 2014
  • monitor – CRT TV
    Features a still of Kelly and Jadda trying out snacks. Has handles for ease of moving, but still kinda heavy and not recommended to be moved too much. Sony logo fell off at some point and the whole thing has fallen on concrete more than a few times. Garage sale in 2013
  • packets – sauce sauce in takeout box
    A takeout box filled to the brim with takeout soy sauce packets, so you can bring soy sauce with you with ease. Wholesale Club Calgary in 2016
  • pen – pink (warm sunshine)
    This is actually a replacement after the other one was stolen at a dinner night. The pink is like the warm pinks under clouds during sunset. A ball point pen with blue ink. Hing Wah Imports in 2019
  • pen – red (warm sunshine)
    This pen is no longer being sold at Hing Wah Imports because I bought out their entire stock. The red is like a warm setting sun. A ball point pen with blue ink. Hing Wah Imports in 2019
  • pot – big (metal)
    A pretty big pot that probably needs one more handle to safely carry when filled to the brim with liquids. A kinda pain in the butt to use. Good to use if you never move the pot from the stove or the counter next to the stove, like for stews and soups that sit out …
  • pot – metal (small)
    A smaller pot with a heavy bottom, suitable for smaller cooking over a long time in heat, like chili oil and candied dates. Comes with a metal loop for storing veritcally or diagonally when not in use. Thriftshop in 2019
  • pot – metal deep and heavy bottom with handles
    A deep pot that’s suitable for cooking something in heat over a long period of time, like red beans and congee. Comes with a handy 2 handles for easy handling onto the dining table for shared soup eating. B&J Kitchen Equipment in 2019
  • shelf – black metal cage
    Modular shelves and hooks for modular contexts. Small and narrow enough to tuck into unwanted corners. Comes with caster wheels, removable hooks, and garage dust. Salvaged in 2016
  • sign – gift shop
    Printed canvas wrapped around MDF. A sign for a defunct store. Slightly warped but in good condition otherwise. Comissioned in 2017
  • strainer – 1 cup tea
    Unsure where or when this was acquired. Very useful for making small quantity of tea when there’s no company to tend to or for drinks that has floaty bits, like flower petals, seeds, and spices. Not recommend for straining things like soup unless absolutely necessary. ??? in 2018
  • strainer – metal half sphere
    A very normal strainer for very normal needs, like straining chili oil spices from hot, infused oil and for making mung bean jelly not clumpy. One part of the handle is no longer attached to the top like of the strainer. Maybe too much squeezing when trying to strain something faster. Hing Wah Imports in 2019
  • strainer – red plastic handle (hot pot)
    Less deep than noodle strainer but more than regular strainer. Good for hotpots, as they can carry many items at once, like tofu puffs, whole bok choys, beef balls, enoki mushrooms, 3 different kinds of noodles, slices of beef chuck, etc. Has a small loop at the back so you can cook your ingredients in …
  • strainer – sock cloth
    Essential tool to make smooth milk tea. Sometimes called pantyhose cloth. Sock cloth is removable for easy cleaning, though it’s slighty ripped, so be careful of tea escaping. Sock cloths come in variety of sizes, this one is meant to make a large batch of tea, so use accordingly with a large pot and quantity …
  • strainer – wooden handle (noodle)
    Longer and deeper, this strainer is made to be shook really hard for quick straining, like noodles to ensure it doesn’t get too soggy. Too tall for more pots, make sure to use this with a deep pot. Comes with a small loop in the back to make sure noodles are quick and easy to …
  • USB – practical luxury 1GB
    Each USB is affixed with resin and random bits of leftovers, like plastic gems, cherry stems, stolen fake succulents, and dead plants. All USBs are formatted to FAT32 for multi OS compatability. Some might have PDFs uploaded onto it. Useful for things that need USBs, like uploading a program into a sign and playing MP3s …
  • utensil – metal ladle
    Not used usually for eating. A shallow and somewhat flat ladle that’s excellent for scooping things that needs to keep shape horizontally, like silken tofu, or if you want to scoop only a little bit of something, like ginger syrup. Ideal for gingerly actions. Hing Wah Imports in 2019
  • utensil – metal tong (small)
    Small tongs that I don’t remember acquiring or even using. Is cute size. ??? in 2019
  • utensil – yellow tip and handle tong
    Rubber head and handle makes picking things up more enjoyable. And suitable for picking up softer things that might break easily, like blocks of tofu and mounds of mochi. Feels nice when squeezing your nose. The locking mechanism has a satisfying click and lock feel. Lucky’s Supermarket in 2019
  • water dispenser – electrical
    A fancy water heater with 3 hot water settings to suit any and all your tea temperature needs. Likes to make boop and beep sounds, not like the water heaters at your grandparents place in your memories. This heater’s dispensing mechanism needs to be fixed; still boils water well. Hing Wah Imports in 2019