Category: radiation

  • monitor – 24″ computer

    Even but somewhat thick bezels around the screen makes it ideal for horizontal, vertical, and/or any other positions. However, viewing angle is pretty limited. At 60Hz, it’s good enough for ultra quality settings in video games like Katamari Damacy. Not good for competitive gamers where 5ms in response time is not fast enough. Memory Express […]

  • LED – OPEN sign

    Was one of 2 available vertical signs at the time on Amazon. Purchased for practical reasons, as the Marion Nicoll Gallery has vertical windows. Secretly that was an excuse to justify sding more money on an orientation I think is more aesthetically pleasing, if at the exse of legibility and incurring more debt. Has “on” […]

  • electronics – laser mouse

    A laser mouse with 2 buttons and a scroll wheel. Despite its age, is surprisingly still not outdated. Connected to devices via USB-A, allows for user to interact with digital contents with ease. Not suited for precision tasks, like shooting digital enemies or drawing an MS paint masterpiece. More than suitable for playing solitare and […]

  • electronics – headphones with mic

    Features an ambidextrous mic. This headphone with mic set is lighweight, ideal for Skype dates, online gaming with friends and/or enemies, and conference calls. Requires separate headphone (green) jack and microphone (pink) jack or an adapter to use at full potential. Memory Express in 2013

  • monitor – CRT TV

    Features a still of Kelly and Jadda trying out snacks. Has handles for ease of moving, but still kinda heavy and not recommended to be moved too much. Sony logo fell off at some point and the whole thing has fallen on concrete more than a few times. Garage sale in 2013

  • monitor – amiga

    A monitor for a system that no longer exists; from a time when the future felt possible and beige. Something you’d find in the corner of a dusty shop. Garage sale in 2014

  • LED – SMD strips

    A no frills way of lighting anything and everything, even comes prepared with 3M adhesive on the back of each strip. With the right connectors, you can attach many strips to each other to create infinite lines of rainbows. Though make sure to buy from the same brand or else the colours might be different […]

  • LED – store sign

    At 96×32 resolution, it’s barely good enough to show images. It’s best for text and large fields of flashing colours. Is programmable via a proprietary software, which comes loaded with fun effects like shining stars and falling blossom petals. Gets so bright that it’ll attract potential customers 2 blocks down and blind them as they […]

  • LED – pucks

    Was used more for bedroom lighting than for art. Diffuses the harsh, flickering LED light fairly well, though is not bright enough to fill a whole room. Is meant to be attached to other surfaces, like the underside of cabinets. They’re not actually called LED pucks, they just kinda look like they are. Canadian Tire […]

  • LED – aquarium bar

    Was used more often for fish sitting than for art. Is covered in water minerals and missing a metal end loop. The lights are an alternating white and black light, which gives that nice glow to fluorescent and bioluminescent objects. Can fit medium-sized tanks or can be hung like ceiling lights, if you want to […]

  • zip tie – neon pink

    50 ties per package. Smallish in length and width. High visibility for an already high density of things in the periphary of attention. Stays locked unless you know the trick. Has the kind of glow you would never find here. Temple Street Night Market, Hong Kong in 2019

  • light bulb – CFL warm white

    A fluorescent tube that glows a warm white. Makes a nice, soft glow that gently but uncompromisingly filters its surroundings. These bulbs acutally need to be run from a 220v circuit. So make sure you use this with a converter if you live in place that doesn’t have 220v! An A19 bulb. Hong Kong in […]

  • light bulb – CFL pink

    A fluorescent tude that glows a warm pink. Used to be used in meat shops to indicate that it’s a meat shop and to make the meat look nicer. Now people use LED lamps. A good bulb to use when you want to feel like romantic meat. An A19 bulb. Jeonju, South Korea in 2019

  • light bulb – CFL blue

    A fluorescent tube that glows a warm blue. Good for spaces where you can still see what you’re doing, but less harsh to your eyes and still do things safely. An A19 bulb. Jeonju, South Korea in 2019

  • LED – menu sign

    A sign that’s suited to be written on by neon wet erase markers to make your shop glow or as a space to write down your schedule of the day. Comes with many colour options and in fading and flashing modes, to suit whatever mood and people you’re looking for. Uncle Weiners in 2019

  • LED – digital counter

    A digital counter that comes with fun buttons to press, like make numbers go up and down, or to start and stop and countdown. Can also tell the time if you want, but less fun as there’s no button pressing. Only comes in red lights. Amazon in 2019

  • fan – cyan portable with clip

    USB micro charged with a colour-matched clip. Has 3 speeds: gentle, medium, desparate. Only good for one person or small number of persons huddled really close together. Can be used clipped onto a surface or standing on a desk. Hong Kong in 2019

  • blender

    Has a kind of loudness you would worry about, but it can still blend various materials into one, like soaked soybeans and red beans. Has a smell that reminds one of thriftshops that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how much it’s washed. Comes in 10 speeds. ??? thriftshop in 2019

  • LED – faux neon

    Meant to emulate neon lighting without needing to use neon gas and artisans to make. Easy to bend into shapes, like a flamingo. But kinda unwieldy when not tied down; likes to curl and do whatever it wants to do. ??? in 2019

  • heating – black convection kerosene 23,500 BTU

    Commonly found with a kettle on top to keep water or tea hot. Not commonly found in Canada, where central heating is found in most buildings. Commonly found in northern parts of Asia. Some people also cook with the tops of the heaters, like instant noodles. Operate with a window o or with some circulation […]

  • electronics – black portable FM radio

    Spent around 3 weeks in South Korea and Hong Kong trying to find a portable speaker for the purpose of being a temporary tour guide in the future. Can play MP3 files straight from a USB or Micro SD card, giving modern music a mono 20th century filter. Comes with a convenient clip. Also comes […]

  • keychain – universe 7 rock

    Is a cube with varying colours and powder that emits varying lights after storing enough energy. Colours are emulated to artificially depict what the universe “might” look like if we could perceive it, like very very large gaseous galaxies in the heavens. Hand manufactured in 2019

  • keychain – century egg

    Comes in a variety of colour combinations of green, orange and everything in between, kinda like homemade century eggs. Also comes with different yolk sizes, for less realism but more auspiciousness, probably. Some even glow in the dark! Is not edible. Will likely last a century. Hand manufactured in 2019