an ordinary hole in the wall along macloed before the railway underpass

“an ordinary hole-in-the-wall along macleod before the railway underpass” (AOHITWAMBTRU) was a temporary food stall specializing in house-made tofu, rice cakes, noodles and preserved foods. The food stall menu is inspired by the act of using hands to form food into vessels. Here, identity and authenticity are characterized through labour and technique, rather than flavour. Cooking and eating translates that which has no words or cannot be said, becoming a method of communication in the absence of literal voices – ones which can’t be heard from the lack of knowledge/understanding, lack of ability of the one trying to speak/hear, and the contexts which do not allow for voices to be heard. Cooking and eating become the source of pleasure, livelihood, anchors of identity, that weathers distances, time, generations and East Asian diasporas. During this exhibition, I undertook the labour of making food and sharing as an offer of experience that doesn’t require too many words, only in the visitor’s indulgence in comforting food.